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With our technological passion, we developed the process of understanding both our clients‘ needs and challenges, with ease via a framework of questions which quickly uncovers our client’s issues: issues which are both realized and unrealized.

Our solutions-based conversations with our clients established a sound mutual understanding of the issues enables us to develop effective solution options, assess full value-added and scale the options to best fit our Clients’ timing and business growth plans.

Technology Consulting

Enterprise Experts & solutions

Recolo Technology covers a vast range of expertise from AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, Security, Development, Large Scale project migrations, DR, Virtualization and System improvements

Unified Communications

Global Carrier Communications

Recolo has partnered with Nexus providing a platform allowing global carrier-grade communications over 120+ countries. Services include call center solutions, tollfree, IDD, SMS, vanity numbers, video, IVRS and customization and collaboration systems.


Business Process Outsourcing

At Recolo technology consulting we have specialized teams that can support our client's needs on BPO requirements. This ranges from infrastructure, maintenance, helpdesk to large-scale development projects.

Our Services

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Rethink your business model to disrupt your competitors and at the same time defend against disruptions in the marketplace, by developing innovative new product propositions, digital customer experiences and managing emerging cyber risks along the way.

Digital Infrastructure Platforms

Enable digital technologies with agile cloud and data center solutions.

Digital Business Platforms

Digitize and automate your business processes by adopting modern SaaS platforms, transforming legacy applications and integrating the next generation of enterprise applications.

Digital Industries and Analytics

Take advantage of industry-specific business opportunities by implementing analytics to gain actionable business insights, leveraging unique industry-specific IP and best-of-breed industry partnerships to accelerate business outcomes.

Digital Workplace Technologies

Enable digital technologies for employee and workplace efficiency. There are a number of options from alternative hardware, virtualization, to certain software improvements which could readily improve productivity.

Unified Communications

Consider the possibilities of flexible unified communications which are enterprise level solutions and quality of global carrier-grade infrastructure and solutions.

Consider the Possibilities

Have you engaged an IT company to deliver solutions and discovered the outcomes are not up to your expectations or invested a huge amount of money on an IT project that fails to deliver?

Decades ago, the UK NHS (National Health Service) rolled out the project “Choose and Book”. The system is part of the government incentive to provide an effective way for patients to get a specialist appointment during the patients’ local doctor visits.

The member of staff at NHS C&B team now works with Recolo, reflected the following insight on the project:-  The consulting firm engaged for the project failed to deliver and so suffered bad press. It was public knowledge that the project costs were in billions, not millions! In essence, the project failure, stemmed from the lack of understanding of the users’ perspective; as such it lacked the depth and detail thought on the implications of such a nationwide system change.

Does Big means the correct answer? Or Risk-Free? or Less Risk

Experience and Expertise

Our expert consultants with depth in experience provided service solutions focused on varied stakeholders: from listed corporations, SME's, governments to the Hong Kong weather station.

How it works...

Technology Consulting

We have a mature process of understanding our client's needs and challenges. Once we have acquired such we form the best solution for our client and times options based on costing and time at which we can achieve the goals of the client.

Depending on the level of expert and the time required for the solutions a quotation is formed and usually based on the number of hours anticipated to complete the project.

Business Process Outsourced

Two leverages: Our Expertise, Our experience

Our passion for technologies – always up-to-date: when outsourcing the IT to us – value for technology applied – quality, security and productivity you will have! With an ease of mind to focus on your core business and competition, for example, large complex development projects for unified global communications.

Our expertise in talents acquisition and management – when IT support to us – increase in your business flexibility in people resources planning and time for effective transition in the startup, change management and growth, for example, helpdesk.

We value our business partners as they value us – value is the function of time, scale, complexity, geography and functionality.

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.