Success by simplification


We understand business operations can be a big ball of complexities. Our consulting fundamentals remain one of the most effective, proven over decades and still practised today by the largest companies around the world. It can be used across all business functions, without limitations to a singles function or industry.

An exercise ran by leading universities, can you spot the problem in the video?

Adopted by Market Leaders. Proven over Decades.

We have modernised our consultancy services while leaving unchanged the fundamental essence of our theories. This is a rich legacy, which many hundreds of companies over these past 60 years, have enjoyed the positive impact on their businesses.

From the outset in 1950, Japanese industry has been a regular adopter of our theories. Companies like Toyota and many others have seen remarkable global achievements resulting in the building of the world’s third-largest economy today and the way of life in Japan of balanced work-life culture.


List of some industries where our fundamental theories are practised and remain effective today since 1950. 

Automotive Industry
US Government
Chemical Industry
Electronics Manufacturing


Our consultancy services are not bound by specific industry or department of function. A list of specialisations where our consultants practice in.

Human Resources
Learning & Development

The Bead Experiement

Can you spot any problems in the video below?

Is your business thriving in growth with winners or losers?

While this page alone cannot solve your problems, our consultants and applied technology can. Our consulting experience and verified methodologies are the foundation of the success of some of the world’s largest companies today.

Three simple questions which offers a taste of what to expect when gaining an insight into your business and an understanding of your organisation and its people management. Are curious about how we can transform your business for the better? Explore with us.

Is your organisation focused on profit maximisation or profitability?

This question is important for you to unearth the type of business you are running. Understanding your business and positioning are keys to form the best foundations and system for your entire business culture and future success.

Are curious about how we can transform your business for the better? Explore with us.

Is the resouces and timeline affecting your ability to achieve your targets?

Have you ever communicated with someone with a specific instruction but it turned out their version is not what you expected? Within the operations of a department or business, it can be extremely complex.

Efficiency in your operations may have room for improvements or prioritisation if necessary? Do you think your operations system is optimised or sub-optimise?

Is the poor performance from your team members a reflection of their abilities and motivation?

People within an organisation are at first hired because there is firm confidence in that person's ability. So prior to their onboarding they were performers in their own right.

Why are they not performing as you have hired them for? You tried everything but no matter the motivational talks and support the results don't make a difference.

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